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FAQ: Applying for the Belgium Fraggers
Where can I find the most current application on your site?

-You can find there here: http://belgium-fr...?page_id=5

Any rules when filling out the application?

-Yes there are a few which you can find here: http://belgium-fr...?page_id=3

How long will it take before I know when my application is accepted?

-This should take no longer then 3 weeks (21 Days), if it has taken longer then 3 weeks please inform your recruiter.

What are the current requirements to join before my application is accepted?

-The current requirements are:

Minimum activity on the server for one week (this will be checked on
Good standing with the clan.
Active on both server and forms.
Obeying the server and form rules and regulations.

How should I fill out the application?

-It should look professional and not half done.


1) Please tell us what your nickname is on ET:

2) How long do you play Enemy Territory?
6-7 years and counting.

3) How long have you played on our servers?
3 years and counting.

8) Do you have xfire or msn, please give both if you have.
Xfire: pluse1

12) Hobbies, interests?
Cars and trucks, Guitars, Drumming, ET, ETC.

13) Favorite class, weapon, gaming style?
NAM: Medic, RPD and Engineer, Grease Gun
Jay-Mod: Engineer, MP40 and Medic, MP40

Now that you have the general idea you may now fill out the application.

Good Luck!

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