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FAQ: XP not saving??
There're still a lot of players who're having problems with their GUID (xp not saving and such), so I'm here to tell everyone how to fix it.

1. Go to and download punkbuster for windows (It'll come as a WinRar archive)

2. Open up your ET folder. There's a folder named pb. Delete everything in that folder.

3. Extract the continents of the downloaded archive into the pb folder.

4. Get a new etkey:

5. Place your new etkey into your etmain folder.

For windows xp: /C/Program Files/Wolfenstein Enemy Territory/etmain

For windows 7: /C/Users/User/AppData/Local/Punkbuster/ET/etmain (AppData is a hidden folder, so you need to make it visible from your folder options)

6. Run your ET, Enable Punkbuster

And you're done! Smile
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