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Sarah wrote:
Best Sniper - Dunno, so i guess i have to say Jamuga Wink. There aint so many sniper maps on the server

Best Fragger - iTry for sure, or Subzero, Dellemino Smile

Being Kind - puuh there are so many, i think everybody is kind towards me, and havent seen any being disrespectfull towards any other (but ive heard someone be). But Boomz have been good to me, and fun jerking around with on the server.

Best OBJ - Me, .Be|Sarah!, when i do not try to frag. Im allways Engi. (sometimes medic)

Best Heavy weapons - The bots on the server Wink

Most professionel - iTry and Fire&Wall

Best admin - Fire&Wall, Dellemino and soullesnuke

Well i would like to have the opportunity, to reconstruct my top players, now since ive been in the clan a bit longer, and have have seen more members play.

Best Sniper: Still a tough one. But ive seen a guy named chymz, damn he is good at it.. Dunno if he is on the site Grin

Best Fragger: That has to be Fire for sure. He owns everyone hard. Or The-Soldier when he is medic Wink. Beside from these, there are Error, 13 FYY and iTry.

Being Kind: There are so many, but a guy like Soldier, he says hi to everyone, i think thats pretty cool. Beside from that, guys like Ojka <3 (my swedish man Smile ), Fus8D when he is online Wink Boomz, King J and many many others.

Best OBJ: I would still say myself, i always play for OBJ, mainly because its the purpose, and mainly because i need xp, because im a ranking noob atm Grin. Else i would like to say soulles, it makes him happy Grin

Best Heavy weapons: Yep its still the bots. Hate when the use mg guns, you are 90% dead meat.

Most professionel: Fire. I really dont think you could find a better leader atm. Im not here to suck a**, but dude, ur great. you handle every problem with and without emotions. And i really respect that. You know when you have to turn ur emotions the cold shoulder, and just be objective. Your doing a great job, please keep it up Wink

Best admin: Screw that. I know that we are all great admins, we make mistakes, but we are good enough to realize when we have done something wrong.

And i would like to hear, who wrote '(sometimes medic)' (coloured red) in my reply. Because everybody knows i dont like medics, and never play it Wink LoooL.
Boomz , that my name , Why ?
Because im just like a dynamiet ,
if it explode then , Ka BOOMZ !
Best Sniper: Still a tough one. But ive seen a guy named chymz, damn he is good at it.. Dunno if he is on the site

Sarah thats a girl xD
i know chymz. old member from OSS Smile
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Aka Ome#
Best Fragger: twann and itry or fire owns me sometimes but i think i am one of the best fraggers toGrin

Best admin: Fire ofcourse my brother!
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Best fragger i have to say twan, he is the only damn one i have trouble killing but i think fire is very good too. Best sniper i wouldnt know, kindest member i would say manowar and then soldier.
defenitely agree with wanna Smile
Best Sniper: idk
Best Fragger: Me, Twann, Menno. or iTry Grin
Being Kind: Twann
Best OBJ: Twann
Best Heavy weapons: Bots
Most professionel: nah.. I don't never see Fire playing.. So i say.. iTry and Twann are hard to kill Grin
Best admin: Idk
Best Sniper: Bots
Best Fragger: All,(olny not me)
Best OBJ: Twann
Best Heavy weapons: Pavel Smile
Most professionel: Meic Smile
Best admin: all .Be member idk
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Best fragger - iTry, Twann-ewa, Fire&Wall, me Grin.. Grin

Best medic: Of course me, Medic Smile.

Best objective/engineer: Sarah, iTry, Fire&Wall, Soullesnuke

Best field ops: Hm, I think.. Minirex Smile

Best soldier: Pavel for sure (Hate when he panzer rapes meSmile), and we must give some credit to the bots, too. So BOTS, for sure as well.

Best covert ops: iTry for sure.

Being kind: So much... but the ones I remember by heart are: Twann-ewa Grin, miich, iTry, Fire&Wall and The-Soldier.

Best admin: We're all actually good admins, but still: Fire&Wall(REALLY, LOOK WHAT HE'S DONE AND DOING FOR US), twan-ewa, the-soldier, hyperion, iTry Grin

Best joker/most funniest: I think romm3l was and soullesnuke was and is. Grin.

Best runner/hider: iTry.. and me Grin

Most professional: All of .Be|, who thinks they are, and who think they're not, who know they are, and who don't know they are Grin

Best aimers: The bots, me, Soullesnuke, twan, the soldier, miich, itry, hyperOn, inFeRNo, fire&wall, and others.

Best trickjumper: Of course, no doubt about it here, it's Mr. Me, a.k.a. Medic Smile

Best noob: Twann-ewa Wink
Edited by Medic on 11-12-2009 16:47

Best fragger: iTry, Fire&Wall, Medic, The-Soldier (when medic Pfft), Inferno, and our new recruit *Lipshooter*.
Best objective-man: Really dunno... I think Fire&Wall...
Kind players: Who not?! But especially Medicc Grin, The-Soldier, Manowar, ehm...+ everyone who wears .Be| tag Pfft
Best joker: FUS8D, always jumping in Minias Pfft
Best admin: everyone, no doubt about it Grin
The one who I know the longest time: Hyperion. Smile

I like everyone in this clan very much. Dont be sad if i didnt call your name here above. I like you all Grin
Twann wrote:
Best fragger: iTry, Fire&Wall, Medic, The-Soldier (when medic Pfft), Inferno, and our new recruit *Lipshooter*.

lol , but i am not always medic Pfft
Greetz TheSoldier

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~Since 22-08-09~
I've was the one who showed him the jumping Smile
Haha Pfft
I know Soldier, you are good anyway but with medic you are hard to kill.
Medic i've never been jumping with you in Minias , xD Grin
Greetz TheSoldier

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Ya, I haven't been gotten online together in Minas Tirith Fp3 map lately/often.
Also Menno. is a REALLY good fragger..
Everyone with a better ping than me is a good Fragger.
But I can still kill everyone with my 380 ping anyway, i just die alot in the process. XD
Also Fire, Twann, Soldier, Itry

Most friendly Admin I would say myself, Fire, and Soldier.

Best Admin is no doubt our leader Fire, no one can top what he does for the clan.

To high to think of anything else Pfft

Peace man
Hail & Kill
OO twan, look what I edited on my previous post for you Grin,( last to things) Grin, last one most important! Smile
Thank you Medic for your kindness! Shock
But explain me why your choice for that? Grin
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