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Origin of you're name.
Hi guys, just thought that maybe we could have some fun and find out where everyone's nickname come from and how it originated from.

I'll start;

The reason I use roar is because one of my favourite animals are a Lion, and they roar Grin So I'm a big Lion xD
Regards, roar
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King of the lions.

At first my name was Beans back in times. I guess not many of you can remeber only the oldies Grin I decided to take this name since I saw State Property 2 : Blood on the Street I just simply loved that nigga there Grin But as time went I saw this name is kinda used also by bots so I wanted to change and when I asked here on forums some fellaz replied. I guess it was Legendary or Seven who replied with idea of adding Jelly into my name so I simply took it. Thats how was Jelly-Beans born Grin

PS: I was thinking of my other gaming name Aldou which was born with film Inglourious Basterds which I simply love. There is main guy called Aldo Raine but in czech translate it sounds like Aldou. Some classmates from elementary school was calling me Aldou for short period of time so I took it as my own Grin
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Monica just because my name is Monica.. very original I know... Smile short story.
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I don't really remember where my name came from, I have been using it for over 10 years now. maybe it sounded cool and misterious at the time.
Well, I used to play football and there were 3 Peters in our team. So to avoid confusion, we used nicknames and then Thullie was born. Based on my last name; Van 't Hul Cool
Bodar Arganor Vega
I just combined some selfinvented names when looking for a nickname on an other game and so Bodar Arganor Vega was born
Bodar Arganor Vega

It's time to play the game.
My name used to have dots. but its basicly my full name with some letters taken out : Luke Manis]
My nic Red+, its actually Red Red cross =D and it was perfect nic for me @ Nam mod because i made so many people see red with beebing and glowing and blowing.
Back when I was with my old clan I named myself "TEAMMATE Bob" (or insert really any name there). 'Cause I was a kid and liked trying to trick people into thinking they had killed a teammate. I could tell the name was borderline tolerable so I just changed it to TEAMMATE. Later I wanted a real player name instead of a joke name so I finally thought up "Gear" since I am a Mechanical Engineer and love building machines. It's also more unique than other names so people can recognize me more easily.
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Hahahah Josh you funny bastard Pfft
My name's origin is from a street gang in Central-America. When I started playing ET again I was just watching a documentary about that gang, and hadn't much of inspiration so Pfft I know it sounds like a girl's name, but I'm a BOYYYY Grin
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