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FAQ: How to solve PB problems!
Dear members,

since the last update of PB by evenbalance, many members seem to have problems with PB.
In this thread I will give you a short explanation how to solve these problems!

Method 1: PBsetup

1. Go to http://www.evenba...bsetup.php and download the file PBsetup for your operating system. (most likely Windows)
2. When the download is completed, you open the zip-package and click on the exe file (Pbsetup.exe).
3. You will need to click "I agree" before you can continue, than click "ok" for recent updates...
4. Now you are in the PBsetup program, click "add game" and pick "Enemy Territory" and be sure that the path to your game is correct (when you got more than 1 ET installation) Than click "add game"
5. Now press "check for updates"

Pbsetup will now install the latest PB version on your Enemy Territory install.
The program will give you an indication when the update is finished...
Now run ET and see if you get kicked ...

If not , than Pbsetup helped you to update your PB version on your install.
If yes, continue with Methode 2!

Method 2: PBsvc

1. Go to http://www.evenba...svcfaq.php and click on the hyperlink "Here"
(url: http://www.evenba.../pbsvc.exe)
2. Download PBsvc.exe file
3. Run the PBsvc.exe file
4. Select the 2nd option; "Un-install / Remove PB service"
5. Click on "I agree"
6. Now pbsvc will remove the PB service from your computer!
7. Open pbsvc.exe again!
8. Now select the first option; "Install / Re-install PB service"
9. Click on "I agree" again...
10. Now pbsvc will install the PB service on your computer
11. After PB is installed, it will ask to test it; press "Next"!

Now you will get a notification that your PB is correctly working...
Now [b]run ET and see if you get kicked ...[/b]

If not , than Pbsvc helped you to update your PB version on your install.
If yes, the problem has something to do with your anti-virus programs, firewall, etc!

I hope this will help some of you...

Please keep in mind that Re-installing ET will not change the problem in 90% of the cases!
This is a waste of time!!!!!!

And remember when you uninstall ,, please make a copy of your "ETKEY" which can be found in your "ETMAIN" folder.
I do not support this way ! PBsetup & PBsvc are the right ways to solve PB problems, not uninstalling your whole ET!!


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