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Jelly-Beans December 04 2019 17:18:30
Cool Ben, hope you too Wink I hope some christmass fight will happen as usual Shock
Mara18 October 08 2019 13:55:58
How are you all guys? Maybe we should organise a fragnight!
K03lk4st June 22 2019 15:22:59
But I want to have Friend Jelly Smile frequently join the server. And everytime I log in I am sad Pfft
Jelly-Beans June 18 2019 19:32:50
Since we are dead you need nothing to join Grin Iam up for it Fire!
FiReWall June 05 2019 20:28:16
Shall we organise a fragnight in June/July?
K03lk4st June 03 2019 18:04:31
Hey, SO... Do I really need 50000 Exp to apply again? I mean that seems rediculious Pfft
Jelly-Beans June 02 2019 11:28:34
U sure Jukka? Grin Iam fine just got bachelor degree finally so yeee Grin Hope you are doing fine as well Angry
Red May 18 2019 22:27:20
Hello dudes, how your doing? I didnt forgot u at all Shock Grin
K03lk4st February 17 2019 00:54:04
Choe, that is great! Smile
Jelly-Beans February 12 2019 23:48:41
Heya all... Nice to hear Chloe Wink
Chloe February 07 2019 12:45:34
Hope everyone is doing alright! I'm training to be a medic (Paramedic) this year! So excited Smile
KAISPARKESS January 16 2019 23:36:44
FiReWall Iím doing good
K03lk4st January 16 2019 19:02:15
Hey guys Smile
marguz December 29 2018 17:37:55
That's okei honza maybe time you will make it Smile
Pizducha94 December 25 2018 00:26:37
Hey guys. I'm very, very sorry that I could not come at your B-Day. I wish you the best of luck to your anniversary and hope I'll join back once again.
Pizducha94 December 25 2018 00:26:04
I've got quite busy times with my studies and work. But I hope it's gonna change soon.
Maniac December 23 2018 18:40:01
Hey guys, hope we shall meet again!
FiReWall December 23 2018 10:05:56
Thanks for joining yesterday! We had a blast!
Drakthaa December 22 2018 15:08:16
Hey guys, I hope we're meeting eachother today Pfft
roar December 22 2018 13:47:00
Sad to see this community die off... I hope everyone is well.