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Jelly-Beans February 12 2019 23:48:41
Heya all... Nice to hear Chloe Wink
Chloe February 07 2019 12:45:34
Hope everyone is doing alright! I'm training to be a medic (Paramedic) this year! So excited Smile
KAISPARKESS January 16 2019 23:36:44
FiReWall Iím doing good
K03lk4st January 16 2019 19:02:15
Hey guys Smile
marguz December 29 2018 17:37:55
That's okei honza maybe time you will make it Smile
Pizducha94 December 25 2018 00:26:37
Hey guys. I'm very, very sorry that I could not come at your B-Day. I wish you the best of luck to your anniversary and hope I'll join back once again.
Pizducha94 December 25 2018 00:26:04
I've got quite busy times with my studies and work. But I hope it's gonna change soon.
Maniac December 23 2018 18:40:01
Hey guys, hope we shall meet again!
FiReWall December 23 2018 10:05:56
Thanks for joining yesterday! We had a blast!
Drakthaa December 22 2018 15:08:16
Hey guys, I hope we're meeting eachother today Pfft
roar December 22 2018 13:47:00
Sad to see this community die off... I hope everyone is well.
marguz December 14 2018 22:11:48
Well isn't this a bunch of merry fellows around here
LoverboyXD December 13 2018 14:25:34
Hi Grin
Jelly-Beans December 03 2018 17:14:32
So many old fellas nice Grin Hope to see you all when anniversary hits the clock Grin
Mara18 December 02 2018 21:54:27
Damn guys, I'll do my best to join you guys soon!
pavel December 02 2018 18:23:56
Still Anyone else playing here ? I would gladly play some maps, like "minas tirith" or something Grin
FiReWall December 02 2018 13:05:16
Later this month we will be celebrating our 10th bday reunion! Soon we will inform you about the practicalities of this event. Stay tuned!
Chloe November 28 2018 22:02:28
Wow it's been so long! Only came on due to listening to "You and Me baby ain't nothing but mammals" and remembered it was someone's log on! Miss everyone!
FiReWall November 28 2018 19:58:38
Hi Tripple and Maxim! Nice to hear from you guys! In December we will organise a reunion for the clanís 10th bday. In preparation of this big event we can play together. I will check for Friday!
clercie November 27 2018 20:58:16
Hi guys! It's been a while.. How are you guys doing? Don't know if you remember me but still miss the server and the good times with you( friday night Grin )