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TRIPPLE November 21 2018 15:17:55
yo yo it's me tripple. ex clan member. i'm doing comeback. but is anyone playing anymoere our server?? Smile
FiReWall October 26 2018 12:45:25
Hi Kaisparkess! I remember you! How are you doing?
KAISPARKESS October 23 2018 17:35:57
Hey its me from like 6 years ago. I doubt any of you remember me and I doubt people are active considering theres a bot spamming
FiReWall September 30 2018 21:31:34
Hi Draktha! Thank you for the kind message. I hope you are doing good! We should play ET together!
Drakthaa September 15 2018 11:58:28
Hey guys, I had a nostalgic conversation with my cousin about this clan and thought i should visit you guys sometime Pfft I hope you're doing good Smile
Jelly-Beans September 10 2018 15:12:09
Bello old friend I hope you enjoyed summer same as me Grin
FiReWall September 09 2018 21:23:16
Hi Ben - fine - how are you? Fancy some ET?
Mara18 September 05 2018 21:26:58
how r u fellas? Grin
robercik July 17 2018 12:27:03
Grin Grin
Jelly-Beans June 29 2018 12:28:46
FiReWall June 12 2018 01:02:55
Server restarted, sorry for the downtime!
Legendary June 01 2018 17:25:09
I look to see what's up and see stars...and begin wondering where the f*ck is my ceiling...
pavel March 25 2018 04:45:11
whats up Cool
Jelly-Beans January 01 2018 18:51:18
Amazing gamenight sad you missed it Mara Shock Happy new year all of you
Chloe December 30 2017 23:33:24
Hope everyone has a great new year and spends it with their loved ones <3
Mara18 December 30 2017 20:50:52
this is f***** up I can't attend Angry and 18 ppl there Shock
Medic December 30 2017 19:26:07
See you soon!
FiReWall December 30 2017 18:51:46
Bday event is at 7pm GMT+1
stickytnt007 December 30 2017 18:09:37
Nobody is online? wow 4 messages in the last month feels bad Sad
pavel December 29 2017 08:52:31
see you tomorrow Grin