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04-12-2019 17:18
Cool Ben, hope you too Wink I hope some christmass fight will happen as usual Shock

08-10-2019 13:55
How are you all guys? Maybe we should organise a fragnight!

22-06-2019 15:22
But I want to have Friend Jelly Smile frequently join the server. And everytime I log in I am sad Pfft

18-06-2019 19:32
Since we are dead you need nothing to join Grin Iam up for it Fire!

05-06-2019 20:28
Shall we organise a fragnight in June/July?

Shoutbox Archive


Welcome to the official Belgium Fraggers web portal!

The Belgium Fraggers are a group of members and server administrators,
unified in creating fun and memberships in the gaming industry.

We provide a members website/forums, teamspeak and public gaming server.
The clan is recruiting players, for fun or for scrims, for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory.

The SilEnT Mod server of the Belgium Fraggers is maintained with the highest level of integrity.
The Belgium Fraggers teach foundational respect within its structure.

We are recruiting new players for our .Be| BEGINNERS XPS public server on W:ET.
All players wear the .Be| Clan tag. Having a high kill ratio, a good attitude and excellent teamwork capabilities
are plus points for new applicants who wish to join our clan.

We hope you enjoy all that the Belgium Fraggers Gaming Community has to offer.

Chief Executive Officer

10th anniversary of the Belgium FraggersPrint

RtCW / ETDear friends,

As founders of the Belgium Fraggers W:ET Gaming Community we are pleased to announce you the upcoming 10th anniversary of our clan!

Past ten years have been incredible and full of wonderful experiences. During this considerable period of time we had the honor and the pleasure to get to know a lot of great players. All of you are to be considered talented individuals with each great qualities and skills to admire. With respect to the celebration of our 10th anniversary and in fact our very existence up till now, we would like to thank you for your support, loyalty and contribution to this community because you are and all have been the strength of our community!

Please join together with us and many other familiar faces the clan's 10th birthday event that will be hosted on Saturday December 22 at our very own server.
Don't miss out this annual tradition and great opportunity to unite once again with the fellow players you used to play with on our server.

Once more we want to express our gratitude on behalf of the entire clan and we wish you your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Please do join our server and let's celebrate together our seventh year of existence on Saturday 22th of December at 7.00 pm CET. If you should not be able to make it, remember you are always welcome on our website and at

Yours sincerely,

FiReWall & INFeRNO
Founders Belgium Fraggers