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08-12-2017 15:28
Welcome back Steven!

28-11-2017 14:26
Hey guys! I'm back in Belgium

13-11-2017 03:38

07-11-2017 14:44
Maybe I will Pfft

31-10-2017 14:01
Who’s going to buy COD WWII?

Shoutbox Archive


Welcome to the official Belgium Fraggers web portal!

The Belgium Fraggers are a group of members and server administrators,
unified in creating fun and memberships in the gaming industry.

We provide a members website/forums, teamspeak and public gaming server.
The clan is recruiting players, for fun or for scrims, for Wolfenstein Enemy Territory.

The SilEnT Mod server of the Belgium Fraggers is maintained with the highest level of integrity.
The Belgium Fraggers teach foundational respect within its structure.

We are recruiting new players for our .Be| BEGINNERS XPS public server on W:ET.
All players wear the .Be| Clan tag. Having a high kill ratio, a good attitude and excellent teamwork capabilities
are plus points for new applicants who wish to join our clan.

We hope you enjoy all that the Belgium Fraggers Gaming Community has to offer.

Chief Executive Officer

Join us on Slack!Print

ToolsDear friends,

As you all have noticed, the activity of our community has reached an all-time low for various reasons. Nevertheless I feel there is still great willingness among members and friends of the Belgium Fraggers to play Enemy Territory occasionaly during this Fall / Winter.

As you all know I have tried to setup an Whatsapp group to improve communication and coordination to encourage server activity with Xfire being gone and Evolve not being used intensively. However, due to privacy reasons, only very few people joined our Whatsapp group and therefore this great initiative failed to meet its objective.

Notwithstanding the fact that the Whatsapp group was not much of an success, I am convinced that an instant messaging app similar to Whatsapp (i.e. accessible via smartphone or desktop) is definitely the way how can improve communication between members and friends so that we can setup occasional events, discuss server improvements, etc.

Coincidental I noticed an article in a newspaper about Slack, allegedly "the team communication platform for the 21st century". Slack is a cloud-based messaging and team collaboration application and allows users to communicate with others through dedicated channels, and customize usability through 3th party applications. Meanwhile, I have downloaded the application on my smartphone and tested some features like the public channel and I feel convinced that this app may provide a better alternative compared to Whatsapp and overcome the privacy issues that worried alot of people.

That being said, please start downloading Slack and contact me for your private invitation to join our channel so that we can setup an event on the server very soon and more importantly start planning our 8th anniversary event in December.

United we stand, together we fall.

Yours sincerely,

CEO Belgium Fraggers

More information about Slack: